Welcome to Think MINK , we are offering mink oil of the highest quality, all natural,  bio-degradable, and made in the USA

Our mink oil has two grades;

Both are pure mink oil without chemical enhancements.

One is scent-free for facial care; to that, we offer added essential oils, or just unscented .

M I N K oil

 Skin Care has 3 sizes

The other is our Commercial Grade; just the same oil but with a very slight scent of mink.

Think Mink

for Leather Care, Cosmetics, Hair Conditioner, even skin care (just with a slight musky scent).

Currently available - All Natural Mink Oil Soap 5 ounce ea (approx)

M I N K Oil Soap is made here, the choices are based on the fragrance;

the fragrance is created by including an essential oil.

Our Soap is PURE unadulterated SOAP.

Once having experienced mink oil in any application;

Skin care, soap ingredients, leather care, hair

conditioner, cosmetics...you will be amazed.

Get back to the future with Mink oil.