Soap made with mink oil is quite luxurious.

Hand made Soap; made with mink oil. Nothing added, just soap.

                                             Made with the highest quality ingredients.

                     The fragrances offered are made with essential oils, as an integral part of the soap.

               It's all about the ingredients, get back to the future with all natural soap by Think MINK.

This batch has a true bonus, an oil hard to acquire. So enjoy!

Below prices are 15% off until July 5th.


15% OFF

Our very special, luxurious, hand-made Mink Oil Soaps are now available. The main ingredient is mink oil, and all the ingredients are pure and natural, no additives, colors, or perservatives; just soap.

Making soap has been my true passion and how we discovered the benefits of mink oil. Our soap is all about the ingredients. You have never experienced any soap comparable. The oils are chosen for the attributes they contribute; such as a luxurious feel, great lathering properties, a soft silky feeling with a conditioning effect, but still a long lasting bar of gorgeous soap. The variety is described by the fragrance or essense of the round, but there is no added fragrance. The scents are created from the oils used in the soap making process. The ingredients are unique and of the finest quality, therefore so is the soap.

    The quality speaks for itself. Get back to the future with all natural ingredients.

    This soap is complimented with our 100% pure Mink Oil.

    M I N K oil Soap

    You will be pleased and impressed with what Nature can do.